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Regular activities

YOGA experience
Monday : Walking Day
Tuesday : Coast and Country
Wednesday : Perched Villages
Thursday : Nissa La Bella
Friday : French Cooking Experience
You can afford it: 89€/pers

Your budget is a little tight : 50€/pers + principle of free donation at the end of your stay

Money isn’t an issue for you : be generous, the Universe will give it back to you 😉
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Sign up for our excursions now…at the end of your stay, feel free to give whatever you want/estimate/can afford…with a minimum of 50€/pers to participate to the minimum cost…or you can also propose a service using one of your skills in exchange !

We hope this way will give more guests the opportunity to join us for this great human experience !

The “Free donation” concept explained above will be applied for activities running from Monday to Friday as scheduled.

We can adapt this program to your demand (other activities, swapping days around, Week End…), the following prices will be applied then:
Price for 2 persons: 175€/pers
Price for 3 persons: 130€/pers
Price for 4 persons: 110€/pers
From 5 persons: 89€/pers

« be the change you want to see in this world » (Gandhi)

Because every important change come first within our own self…

« without trust, there is no us »

… because trust, in yourself but especially in Life itself, could be the key…

« don’t take life too seriously, you will en end up dead anyway » (B. de Fontenelle)

… Because Joy brings you energy and shows that we are on the right track…

There would be lots of quotes we could use to illustrate our spirit today, after ten years at the FrogS House…We would like to apply this spirit in our day to day life style, personally as well as professionally.

During the past ten years, we had the chance to meet fantastic people from all around the world. We’re doing our best to give the best of us and to share our love for life.
Throughout the activities we organize at The FrogS House, we offer way more than just “turistic tours”.

Our actual price of 89€/day reflects the quality of services we provide. However, we know that some of our guests simply can’t afford to participate to our daily excursions. What about having the possibility to give what you can, and if not money, may be you’ve got some kind of skill that could be useful at the FrogS’House ?

Join us for the day, and then decide how you think it’s fare. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised 😉

Have you heard about the « coffee waiting » ?

Two people come into a Café and ask for five coffees ; two for them and three « waiting ».

A few minutes later, a lady come in and order 2 coffees ; one for her and one « waiting »

Later on that same day, comes a man who cannot afford a simple coffee. « hello, do you have any « waiting »coffee ? » Yes, sure. « a free coffee then please. »

It started in Napoli, and is spreading all around the world now for sandwiches, pizzas….and all kind of food.Some will say that it is a utopia, but it works ! More than food , it’s bringing love between people.We are all connected, we are just realising it.

In the same way, we hope that the people who do have enough money won’t hesitate to pay the regular price, and may be more if they think it is worth it. Thus, those who have a restricted budget will still have the opportunity to live an unforgetable experience . For us the financial aspect will be the same but we’ll have the opportunity to share what we love with a lot more people. « Once you pop, you can’t stop » 😉

Get in touch with your spirituality
– Daily yoga cessions or trips based on yoga philosophy:
– Chapel Matisse, Chapel Folon and Chapel St Jean

“Must seen places” of the French Riviera and cultural tours
– Saint jean Cap Ferrat, Monaco et Eze option1 : villa Ephrussi
– Saint jean Cap Ferrat, Monaco et Eze option2 : chapelle et villa privée Jean Cocteau
– Antibes, Cannes and the islands of Lérins in the bay of Cannes
– Meeting with a local world wild famous sculptor, Jean Pierre Augier
– Other perched villages including olive oil mill

Vineyards and wine sampling
– Visits and wine sampling in the vineyards of the côte d’azur: option1
– Visits and wine sampling in the vineyards of the côte d’azur: option2
– Visits and wine sampling in the vineyards of the Var area

Outdoor activities
– Canyoning
– Rafting
– Rock climbing
– Hiking in the Mercantour national park