Benoit & Corinne co-founded the FrogS' House in 2006.

Through the years, although our private lives became separate from each other, we continued our professional project together. This is how the FrogS’ House became the space within which we slowly learned to discover more and more who we are, and what we truly want.

We are nowadays more than ever keen to share this special space with you. May it inspire you as much as it does us.

Until 2016, we were managing and animating the Frog House nearly all by ourselves… in response to our wish to open up even more, life put new Frogs on our path. They came gradually to help us in our daily routine, and in our broader mission…

With joy, love, happiness, and a deep sense of gratitude.



Ronald is in charge of maintaining the house, cleaning the rooms, and also serving breakfasts: if you need anything in particular do not hesitate to ask him…but please speak slowly as he is learning both English & French ;) Ronald is from Peru and lives with his two children in Saint-Jeannet.


“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.” said Hippocrates. Aurore shares this belief that wellbeing starts in the plate. Her aim is to feed you a healthy gourmet cuisine, made with seasonal local ingredients, sometimes following recipes, but always being led by inspiration, whether from the guests, the beautiful nature around or from life itself. With love and a creative approach, everything is possible, and not only in the kitchen! All you need is to take time time to savour. Aurore is looking forward to meeting you at the table!

Portrait d'Hélène'


Hélène discovered Non-Violent Communication in Brazil, where she's lived during 10 years. As a sociology lecturer at the University near Rio de Janeiro, she introduced NVC as part of the future teachers' training, and was responsible for that curriculum from 2013 to 2019. Both a sociologist and biofield therapist, she includes subtle perceptions and a larger view on social relations in her approach of communication.

Portrait d'Ali'


Ali and his partner came for a winter break to Saint-Jeannet from London in 2021, when they were on parental leave after the birth of their baby. Through a series of serendipitous events, they ended up moving here indefinitely(!) and in Corinne's absence, Ali now helps Benoit manage the organisation, while teaching the odd dance class here and there when the guests ask for it!

Our yoga and meditation instructors

Portrait of Benoit


Benoit has been practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis since 2010, soon after he met his actual spiritual teacher, Somasekha. He has graduated from Yog Nisarga International Training School for his 200H-TTC, and from Sampoorna Yoga School for his 300H-TTC, both based in India, where he travelled to attend the training to become a fully qualified yoga teacher. Both centres are certified by Yoga Alliance, the largest non-profit association representing the yoga community whose mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga.

Portrait of Pily


Pily is a psychologist and yoga teacher. Originally from Mexico, she has been living abroad for more than 12 years. In China, she was challenged with some health setbacks that made her set up a process of self -healing, changing habits, following a plant-based diet and living in yoga. She accomplished in total 500H-TTC in Mysore and Goa, India, followed by some different retreats and workshops in Asia. She enjoys to transmit to her students how to integrate the power of the heart and yoga in everyday life. She is a big fan of Eckart Tolle and her teaching is heavily influenced by him.

Portrait of Jean


Jean is specialised in Ashtanga Yoga. He has also followed a long training to give Tibetan Bowls massages.
He started his Yoga practice in India in the city of Calcutta 15 years ago. His philosophy is based on the idea that through the practice of Yoga, we can live our lives in a better way, reduce our suffering, and of those around us, to discover Universal Unity. His work focuses on the breath and how to integrate it into a physically active yoga practice in order to create strength, freedom and lightness of beings. Jean and Benoit have been old school friends for more than 30 years.