We have co founded the FrogS' House in 2006.
Through the years, Life made us split our private lives, but made us continue our professional project together. This is how the FrogS’House became the space within which we slowly learnt to discover more and more who we are, and what we truly want.
We are nowadays more than ever keen on sharing that special Space with you. May it inspire you as much as it does for us.


Until 2016, we were managing and animating the Frog House nearly by ourselves…in our wish to open up even more, Life put new Frogs on our path. They came gradually to re enforce our team, and help us on our daily routine…


With Joy, Love, Happiness…and a deep sense of gratitude.
Corinne & Benoit

L'équipe de la Frogs
Portrait of Corinne


Co-founder of the FrogS’House, inspired and free-minded manager, Corinne takes care of the daily routine and uses all her natural creativity to prepare with passion the picnics we share during the daily excursions. It is really important for her to surprise you and treat you on every new occasion.

Portrait of Reine


Reine is our « cleaning fairy ». She is in charge of maintaining the house, cleaning the rooms, but also serving breakfasts: if you need anything in particular do not hesitate to ask her…but please speak slowly as her English is a little limited…otherwise use your best French ;) Like Corinne, she is originally from Reunion island.

Portrait of Claudia


Claudia is our wonderful secretary: she is doing her best to answer all your enquiries and facilitate the confirmation and the organization of your stay with us. She is originally from Germany, has also lived in Spain for a while before moving to France permanently many years ago: she is fluent in English, but don’t hesitate to use German, Spanish or French if it is easier for you. She is also trained as a professional masseuse.

Portrait of Noel


Noel is a professional French chef and friend of Corinne for many years. He is always happy to share his passion for the French gastronomy during the cooking sessions he always animates with great joy and enthusiasm.

Portrait d'Hélène'


Hélène discovered Non-Violent Communication in Brazil, where she's lived during 10 years. As a sociology lecturer at the University near Rio de Janeiro, she introduced NVC as part of the future teachers' training, and was responsible for that curriculum from 2013 to 2019. Both a sociologist and biofield therapist, she includes subtle perceptions and a larger view on social relations in her approach of communication.

Our yoga and meditation instructors

Portrait of Benoit


Benoit has been practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis since 2010, soon after he met his actual spiritual teacher, Somasekha. He has graduated from Yog Nisarga International Training School for his 200H-TTC, and from Sampoorna Yoga School for his 300H-TTC, both based in India, where he travelled to attend the training to become a fully qualified yoga teacher. Both centres are certified by Yoga Alliance, the largest non-profit association representing the yoga community whose mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga.

Portrait of Jean


Jean is specialised in Ashtanga Yoga. He has also followed a long training to give Tibetan Bowls massages.
He started his Yoga practice in India in the city of Calcutta 15 years ago. His philosophy is based on the idea that through the practice of Yoga, we can live our lives in a better way, reduce our suffering, and of those around us, to discover Universal Unity. His work focuses on the breath and how to integrate it into a physically active yoga practice in order to create strength, freedom and lightness of beings. Jean and Benoit have been old school friends for more than 30 years.

Portrait of Carline


Carline is now 50 years old. She started practicing yoga after an accident at the age of 20. She tried different yoga styles over the years and she has now been teaching since 2016 after a 4 year training with the Institut Français du Yoga. Her teaching is a synthesis between her life as a yogini and as a woman. For her the most important is to always respect the body and synchronize breath with physical capacity.
Her yoga practise is a source of inspiration always renewed but still rooted in tradition. Yoga gives freedom to people and can be done everywhere freely.

Portrait of Sarah


Sarah began practicing yoga in 2008 and is specialized in Traditional Hatha Yoga. She believes that through yoga and meditation we can quiet the mind, gain inner freedom, tranquility, and joy, and can ultimately access our full potential power in life. By slowing down and focusing on our breath, we can become stable and clear so that we can show up in life as the best versions of ourselves.

Portrait d'Anthony'


Anthony is between a philosopher and a self-taught alchemist. He traveled around the world and landed in Saint-Jeannet to settle as an herbalist and farmer. His pleasure of discovery led him to meet and experience the art of living Vipassana. It offers an introduction to Anapana, which means "attention to the breath", in order to arouse your curiosity about this multi-millennial art. His interest for personal development and especially the quest for energetic, emotional and material balance in the body, allow him an approach to the use of medicinal and aromatic plants close to the ancient shamans of Earth.