Our team of masseuses is available during your stay.
On appointment, extra cost.

Portrait of Myriam

Myriam - Shiatsu massages

Myriam has been practicing massages for more than 10 years. She is certified in different types of massages: relaxing and traditional Shiatsu. She developed her own technique, combining knowledge with her own sensitivity. Her massages are holistic experiences.


Her goal is to welcome everyone as a whole to open a space of balance and well being. She is also certified in « Fleurs de Bach » in order to work on the emotional part of the being and reveal the positive aspect in every one of us.

Portrait of Jean

Jean - Sound massage therapist

The "Peter Hess" sound massage is a very effective relaxation method. Through relaxation by sound - Jean the sound massage therapist uses singing bowls - the recipient feels his or her problems, blockages and other daily tensions quickly subside. The sound massage not only helps to let go, but it is also a method that stimulates and strengthens the natural defenses.


The effects of sound massage: among many other effects, a sound massage improves the perception of your body, decrease blood pressure, release the stress, tension and blockages of everyday life, improve sleep phases and the immune parameters, stimulate energy flow and blood flow after surgery, strengthen the joy of life and help the individual to find his deepest being.


How is a sound massage session? After talking with the client, the practitioner places one or more singing bowls on the client's body before making them ring with a mallet. Each cell of the body begins to vibrate. The bowls used are distinguished by their frequency, their vibrations and their sounds. Each part of the body corresponds to a particular bowl. The sound massage is very often described as "beneficent" and "refreshing" by the people who receive it. Staying dressed throughout the session is a definite advantage, avoiding any uncomfortable situation. At the end of the session, the client can comment on the experience he has just experienced.

Portrait of Claudia

Claudia - Californian - Swedish massages

Claudia proposes the Californian-Swedish massage, an enveloping oil massage which allows a gentle and deep relaxation. Through fluid movements, acupressure points and a release of the tensions, body and mind are invited to open up to their natural space and to profoundly relax.


She proposes as well the Thai foot massage for those who wish a foot and lower leg massage which relaxes and stimulates the whole body.


According to your needs, she integrates the different techniques of massage, tuina (Chinese massage), and energy to enable a letting go of tensions and a reconnection with your energy and the resonance of your being.


Certified in massages well-being, and in tuina well-being and health with a training in China, she listens to the moment to allow body and mind to express and rebalance themselves freely and come back to their natural state with tenderness.

Portrait de Claudia

Florence – Physiotherapist – Californian massages

Florence has been a physiotherapist since 2005. She developed both her healing and body relaxation technics while studying for that course. After her initial training, she improved her skills thanks to extensive work experience. She was also a physiotherapist in a neuro pediatrics in a neonatology hospital unit for 5 years. There, she looked after children who were not able to talk. The way she focused on their body and mind significantly helped her to refine her touch.


Nowadays, she combines sensitive touch and sounds produced either by her own voice or by Koshis, a special chime that enables you to choose in between different tones among the four elements. 


She would be very pleased to provide :

- a back massage with a special focus on neck and shoulders on a massage chair (30 minutes).

- a body massage for a more comprehensive and  blissful experience to improve muscle relaxation  (60 minutes).