The FrogS’ House’s birth…

“Frogs” is the nickname given to the French, by the British because we eat frog legs. This nickname is generally used in the Anglo-Saxon world, especially by their Australian cousins. Consequently, during our studies in Australia, we were nicknamed “frogs” by our friends.

Our original idea was to introduce foreign people to the French culture, throughout the history, the food, local producers, and hikes around St Jeannet… and welcome them into our house: hence, the “Frogs’ House” !

The FrogS’House is an old village house, built in 1850. About a century later, the house was turned into a hotel. In 2000, the place is totally renovated : each room now has its own « ensuite » bathroom…We bought it in 2006, to turn it into the cosy Bed and Breakfast it is today.

It is a Space that we are really happy to dedicate nowadays to the practice of yoga, meditation and self awareness.

Our ecological commitment

We try, as much as we can, to promote local production, organic food, and reduce as much as possible our impact on the environment.


We hold the eco-labels « green key » and « sustainable tourism » both regarding our accommodation and the activities we organise

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Environmental policy

We belong to a generation that realizes how important it is to change our everyday behavior in order to protect the environment. We are trying to be coherent in between what we promote and how we live our everyday life.

Joy, Peace and Love

Spinoza told us « joy generates courage »… And
Confucius that « Joy is in everything, we just need to find out how to reach it ».

To which we could add that Joy is the lighthouse that tells us that we are moving to the right direction.


« There is nothing more beautiful than searching for peace of heart. Once you’ve found it, it is like a love balm that soothe the torments of human beings »


« Be the change you want to see in this world. » (Ghandi)


It seems to us that the most important thing nowadays is to connect ourselves to that inner peace, in order to share it around, for the best of all.